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We are a boutique government, community, and public affairs firm focused on collaborative problem solving, equity and inclusion, issue lobbying, and coalition building.


We help public and private organizations solve their community's most pressing problems with innovative solutions rooted in equity and collaboration. 


our core values

Our values are our guideposts. They inform the ways we approach our work, as well as our strategic objectives. They provide a foundation for discussion, planning, accountability, and continual improvement. 


We support our clients, community, and one another as servant leaders with the recognition that others bring experience and knowledge that deepens and expands our understanding.


We show up with good intentions and assume the same of our colleagues, clients, and community partners. We are true to ourselves and hold space for the truths of others.


We forge ahead through discomfort and find the right way, not the easy way. Our resolve is rooted in our collective ambition to generate better outcomes.  


We challenge complacency and embrace new ideas and ways of doing things. We embrace and welcome opportunities for innovation. Through creativity and thoughtful design, we are building a new paradigm.


Our work is rooted in the belief that all people will thrive when one’s identity cannot predict the outcome of their life. We seek to disrupt systemic biases by championing diverse perspectives, elevating the voices of equity priority communities, and supporting our clients on their journeys towards inclusion.  


We show up through actions and behaviors that reflect our values. 
We give, and openly receive, constructive feedback. We embrace continuous improvement for our clients and ourselves. 

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