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Our team collectively brings decades of proven experience engaging state agencies, transit authorities, local governments, tribes, elected officials, private sector and community-based partners on high-profile, complex public and private projects and initiatives.

We reflect our community – over 80 percent of our firm identifies as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color (BIPOC).

what we do

  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion
    We know that effective and authentic DEI programs and policies are instrumental to the success of our organizations and communities. In today’s world, this work is more important than ever. ​ ​ Espousal Strategies’ team collectively brings decades of experience in designing, implementing, documenting, and providing training to ensure DEI initiatives that work. In a time when others are leaning away, we’re leaning in. ​ Our diversity, equity and inclusion services include:​ ​ Strategic planning, design, and implementation​ Executive coaching for elected and appointed leaders, and senior and middle management​ Supplier diversity support and retention ​ Contractor and owner compliance and monitoring ​ Building equity lenses and frameworks​ Using equity lenses for program development and implementation​ Transit equity consultation, including development and implementation of equity indices​ Business, strategic, and operational plan development ​
  • Government Affairs & Legislative Advocacy
    From local neighborhoods to the nation’s capital, clients rely on Espousal Strategies’ ability to work closely with public, community, and invested partners. We link the grassroots to the grasstops at every level of government.​ ​ Our team leverages its political expertise and relationships to lead various types of campaigns, lobbying, and advocacy efforts that range from local initiatives to state-wide issues.​ ​ Our government affairs services include:​ ​ Public policy, research, and analysis​ Campaign, advocacy, political action, and organizing strategy​ Lobbying strategies, elected official engagement, and relationship management​ Intelligence gathering and issue monitoring​ Legislative, executive, and regulatory strategy, training, design, and implementation​ Management of federal appropriations requests​
  • Community Engagement & Coalition Building
    Our community engagement team brings extensive on-the-ground experience and relationships with nearly 100 community-led organizations. Leading with equity means diverse and historically-excluded communities – what we refer to as equity priority communities – have a place at the decision-making table. ​ ​ This is also what positions Espousal Strategies as a coalition-builder. When it comes to advancing a cause, we are unrivaled in bringing together dynamic and diverse coalitions that center the communities most impacted.​ Our community engagement, facilitation & coalition building services include:​ ​ Developing strategic plans for public and community projects, political issues, and processes​ Siting and permitting community development projects​ Group facilitation and process design​ Coalition-building, negotiation, and strategies​ Authentic, effective stakeholder engagement in community and public decision-making projects and processes​ Increasing community engagement and participation​ Constituent and stakeholder relations​ Civic engagement and education​ Public outreach​ Communications, messaging, public and media relations​
  • Strategic Communications & Public Relations
    Our approach to communications is rooted in the needs of the audiences you need to reach—who they are, what is important to them, and what actions you're hoping to take together. ​ ​ At Espousal, strategic communications is guided by our commitment to equity and inclusion. We take a trauma-informed approach to training and storytelling that helps build the trust and authentic relationships necessary to reach people in the communities you serve. Whether you're leading an organization, coalition, or campaign, we'll connect communications to your goals and help build internal capacity to maximize your resources. ​ Our strategic communications & PR services include:​ ​ Communications strategy ​ PR & media relations ​ Message development ​ Thought leadership ​ Social media strategy & content ​ Media and message training ​ Polling & opinion research​
  • Civil Rights
    Defending and advancing civil rights is at the foundation of everything we do, embedded in both our process and objectives. For many of our clients, that work includes leadership and compliance with regulatory requirements in civil rights, including Title VI, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ​ Espousal Strategies offers specialized and nuanced consulting services that help organizations navigate the complexities of these vital regulations while cultivating a more inclusive and equitable environment for all. ​ Our Civil Rights, Title VI, EEO, & ADA services include: ​ Regulatory compliance assistance, including Title VI compliance, training, and monitoring​ Technical assistance program development for DBE and MWESB entities​ DBE and Small Business Utilization Compliance ​ Workforce compliance ​ Federal audits, including triennial advice and consultation ​ Accessibility Audits ​ Training and Workshops ​ Policy Evaluations and Review ​ Regulatory Guidance ​ Compliance Assessments ​ Reporting and Best Practices ​
What we do
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